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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fresher job opportunities in Hyderabad & Chennai : De-Shaw

I get asked few questions by freshers and most of those questions are on the Pay that the companies offer, very less people ask me about how to prepare and any useful tips and suggestions that could help them in getting a job. I have to admit that it's really sad for me. I some times feel that why the student are thinking this way and why they ask me about the pay packages but not about the learning curve. I really pity the current education system, which is doing very minimum favor to the graduates.

Now, coming back to our business as usual. If you are looking for a good job as fresher then focus on the learning curve not the extra things like Package, Work Environment, Perks etc etc... They are not going to improve you in getting the job but they are wasting your time. So, All I can suggest you is to just start learning a lot on the technology you are looking for job and all others will come automatically to you, even without you thinking about them.

Hope you haven't missed out our last few fresher job opportunities post, if you have missed then here is the glimpse of the recent one's which we have found for you............

Today I have bought you a job opportunity which could prove to be very difficult to get it. But, if you manage to crack it.. I bet you would praise me for letting you be aware of this job opportunity which other wise would have been difficult to be found. 

Yes, it's with a company names De-Shaw. It's a company based out in Hyderabad and Chennai and the most interesting thing about that is it's a very good paying company. But for that as I have already told you need to put in lot of effort. You need to be exceptionally well in the interview and also they would shortlist your resume on the basis of the academic performance. Below is the brief job description for the role of Software Developer for all levels of experience. That itself shows that this company is looking for programmers and thinkers.


Software Developer :
The D. E. Shaw group brings together some of the best minds in computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering to work at the intersection of finance and technology.  Members of our versatile technical staff exhibit a range of strong quantitative and programming abilities, with software developers and quantitative analysts collaborating on challenging problems that directly impact the firm's continued success. 

Quality and innovation are imperative for creating computationally-intensive solutions for trading profitably in markets around the globe.  Developers bring strong analytical, mathematical, and software design skills to a variety of projects, including the formulation of statistical models for our computerized trading strategies, distributed system development, real-time data analysis, and the creation of tools for advanced mathematical modeling.  Technology is an integral part of virtually everything we do and our team enjoys access to some of the most advanced computing resources in the world.  Successful candidates have traditionally been the top students in their programs and have extensive software development experience.  We welcome outstanding candidates at all experience levels.

The job description is very very simple.. isn't it..?????? ;) I would bet that you will get to learn a lot in this company and a very good exposure in the future. I always love the jobs which say they require good Data Structures. Trust me guys you need to be looking for exactly these kind of profiles as freshers.

How to Apply :
Step 1 - Access the career page of De-Shaw
Step 2 - Select "Quantitative Strategies" form the drop down provided in the page
Step 3 - Add the job to the Cart
Step 4 - Apply now at the top :D

Suggestion from CampusCub :
- You need to have a very good academic portfolio
- Work on C or C++ or Java, let me warn you.. that you need to master to get a job
- Emphasize on your Data Structure Skills, they might drill a lot in that

With Love,
Team CampusCub


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