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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sasken Is looking for C/C++ Programmers : 1.5+ Years : Bangalore

Today one of my friend "Maama"(we all call him that way, while his real name is Miyasab) has forwarded a mail to my inbox, I suddenly realized that it's been quiet a sometime now that I had posted anything for those freshers who are having 1+ years of experience and are desperately looking for change. Hope you are all aware that on CampusCub, we just post the Job Openings for those who fall under 0-2 years of experience. And why do you think that we have chosen that range..?
Yes I have an answer to that, 0(Zero) is the most ignored number, as it has no experience.. Like many of those freshers who has just graduated from colleges. They are our main purpose of coming up with an brilliant idea of CampusCub. 

Then I thought for a while, I have seen many of friends who are working with very small companies, which hardly pays you well and gets a lot of work done from you. Normally those guys who fall under this category would be desperately looking for a Job at one of the top MNC's or at-least a recognized company who's name they can share proudly. They are our +/-1 category guys, whom are also part of CampusCub service.

Then comes our interesting and appreciated category, that's the Internship category. Which many of our users are liking.

But, for now we are going into our second category and we have bought you an interesting fresher job opportunity with Sasken. Please go through the below job specification clearly and attend the walk-in which is happening on Saturday.

Time : 10 Am - 4 PM
Date : Saturday, 11th February
Venue : 139/25, Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore

Job Description : C/C++ Generics ACP
Experience : 1.5 - 3 Years
Education : BE/B-Tech/ME/M-Tech/MCA
Domain : Telecom/Embedded
Indent No : 8937/9035

Proficient in Programming Languages C/C++
Proficient in Data Structures and Algorithms
Basics of Operating Systems and Computer Networking
General problem solving and analytic skills

How to Apply : 
Step 1 - Walk to the venue directly with your resume

Suggestions from CampusCub : 
- Brush you C and C++ skills very well
- Practice those main programs, which are normally asked during the interview
- Focus on Data Structures and Algorithms

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With Love,
Team CampusCub

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  1. Nice post and very useful, Looking forward for more such posts for freshers.