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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

InfoYogis Hiring Writers and Executives : Freshers : Bangalore

Everyone loves their student life and Everyone loves their professional life(may be not as much as the earlier one.. ;)...) But what about the life between that..? Do we love that life and I would like to call that life as Fresher Life.. :D ha ha.. sounds funny isn't it.? I have seen many of my friends who haven't enjoyed that part of life and know how difficult it is. But, then some day they all get happy..! You know why I say this, It's just to let you all freshers know that there are plenty of jobs out there, but might just take that extra time of yours. Nothing more than that.. For many this extra time proves to be very difficult, And we are here to help you reduce that extra time from your Fresher Life...

To start with, I would like to just remind you of the already existing Fresher Job Opportunities, just in case if you have missed those earlier.. I strongly suggest you not to miss the first two fresher jobs.

Today, I have a new kind of offering to you all guys. It's little hatke from our little common  IT section. Thus we have come up with the fresher job opportunities for Executives and Writers and with a little known company probably which we all might have never heard of. But, what is it to do with us.. We just want that extra fresher job opening, which might be of very great help to you all out there. 

Though I would clearly mention the requirement as it's listed on the company site, I would like to just give an overview in short sentence.. They are basically looking for those who are really good with communication, good basic computer knowledge and Exceptional Writing skills. If you have those and are looking for the job as a fresher in Bangalore. Then it's for you. But, if you are looking for a technical job, then I strongly suggest you all to back-out from this post and help it reach it's audiences. I personally suggest this position to those who have completed Graduation and desperately looking for job.

Position : Executives

Maintain communication with clients
Provide support services online
Prepare documents, short reports for clients
Perform day-to-day traffic generating activities for clients’ websites
Answer, filter and forward clients’ emails
Establish communication with client’s customers, partners, associates
Research using Internet (search engines, directories, reference websites etc)
Post to Forums, Discussion boards, blogs specified by clients
Uploading/downloading files, audio, mp3, documents etc.

Academic: Degree, CBSE/ICSE education with English Medium preferred

Position : Writers

Write new articles, press-releases etc. based on niche topics (for websites)
Re-write given content so that they retain the same meaning, using different verbiage.
Proof-read for context, grammar and spelling errors.
Work independently as well as in a team environment.

Excellent English communication skills; preferably from English Medium or convent background; having exposure in dealing with International clients.
MUST have exceptional vocabulary, spelling and English grammar skills.
MUST have hands-on experience in using the Internet for research.
Willing to work full-time, Mon-Sat, 9am to 6pm.
Candidates having TOEFL/SAT scores are preferred.


Hurrey..!!!, this time we have two fresher requirements in one single CampusCub post. That's really good for you. Hoping that, you all would be beneficial with the above fresher requirement. I would like to make you all a humble request to express your love towards CampusCub through our Facebook Page. That will help us and you to server more and more freshers who are looking for a  helping hand like yours.

How to Apply 
Step 1 : Go to InfoYogis Carrers Page
Step 2 : Click on Executive if it suites you
Step 3 : Click on Writers if you feel so
Step 4 : Email your resume to `careers@infoyogis.com`

Suggestions from CampusCub
Many of our users like us because they really like the way we try to help them, of which this "Suggestions from CmapusCub" is one of the best they like of CampusCub. As we here try to give very valuable suggestions to all our users with respect to the current fresher job opportunity. I am not saying that this will fix all the things, but we are sure that they will add to the main things.
- Go head only if you like this profiles. If not, don't even give a second thought
- Are you looking for a desperate job after your graduation, then try this out
- Work on your communication very well
- Nurture your basic Computer Skills with Windows
- Highlight if you have done well in SAT/IELTS

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With Love,
Team CampusCub