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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CTS is hiring Fresher for BPO : Hyderabad

I have heard a lot about the short form 'BPO', and I keep on hearing even now.. Few people curse or hate that word and Much more people like that word very much.. As this BPO industry have given many educated people their livelihood. Though there are rumors that this BPO culture is ruining our tradition, which is already no longer in our control. :) I don't want to get into those controversies surrounding the BPO sector... But, I can still very proudly say that BPO industry have given a very good employment opportunities especially the entry level jobs to youngsters and a very good economy to our economy. 

Why am I all of a sudden talking about this BPO sector..?? Yes. I will tell you guys.. Yesterday evening one of my friend Pappu(that's how we all call him, though his real name is Prasad), forwarded me an email letting me know that CTS is hiring freshers for the BPO sector.. Thank you very much, Prasad and we hope that you will forward more and more fresher job opportunities to us. Then I realized, why not that we are more frequently posting the fresher openings or entry level jobs in BPO sectors.? then for a while I was feeling very bad on my part.. So, the result is here now.. We are proud to tell all our visitors that we would be posting the BPO opportunities too from now on-wards on CampusCub.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Moonraft Hiring Fresher for Multiple Job Opportunities : Bangalore

As I have already mentioned that I always wanted to work in a very strong start-up company. Though this wish of mine never got fulfilled till now at-least ;) ... There are several reasons for that wish.. Mainly I like to work with set of people who wanted to achieve some great things seriously!!!, I tell you most of the corporate colleagues lack that very dearly.. I want to work in an institution where there are no bound when it comes to your explorations, which is most surely to get when you work for good start-ups... Like many more and not to miss the start-up work environment which could be the best of the big MNC cultures..

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresher SAP & Trainee Job opportunity with Inowits : Bangalore

Hope you all have not missed the SAP fresher job last week with process weaver in Hyderabad. I can see that we had received a very good response on that post and we are hoping to bring you all many such fresher job opportunities to our users. This time again we have switched our focus towards SAP field and have got some good news to all those freshers who are looking for a good opportunity in SAP.

As we couldn't collect much of the information about this opening with respect to SAP, but I guess you all can give a try with it. And to not disappoint the non SAP guys, we have also come along with another Job opportunity with the same company which is for Trainee role. And to add a bit of what we know about the company is that it's based out in Bangalore named Inowits and are more into SAP technologies. And could prove to be a very good platform to start their careers as freshers.

Fresher Job Opportunities you might have missed :

There are two different positions with Inowits, which we have come across. One is for the position of SAP Technical Consultant and other one is for the graduates who are looking for internship. I get many mail from several of our users who are looking for both kind of jobs. So, please help your self with all the information provided.


Job Title : SAP Technical Consultant 
Requirements : ABAP, WebDynpro - Open to learn new Technologies

Job Title : Interns 
Requirements : Bright Graduates, Knowledge in OOPs, Database and Data Structure


I know that nothing much we have as part of the job description, But nothing that could be wasted of. So, I recommend you all to decide if you are willing to give a try to the fresher job opportunities listed above.

How to Apply :
Step 1 : Drop Your resume to the email id 'careers@inowits.com' by clearly mentioning the job title you are interested in.
Step 2 : Don't sit back now, Prepare for the interview.. ;)

With Love,
Team CampusCub

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Subex Looking for Freshers : 1+ Years Exp : Bangalore

I had few friends of mine who are looking for change of job. ah ahhhh, no they are not looking for money. But they are in search of a better company as in their current company they deal with local customer and not exposed to the corporate MNC kind of culture. Some times it happens that when two friends working in MNC's discuss about their companies, they would get embarrassed. Truly speaking, there is nothing wrong in working for a small or local company. But, at the same time we have to agree to the fact that every one has a dream to work for an company which has it's presence in the top list.

Today we are about to provide our users with one such an opportunity. As this particular job opening information is for those who carry at-least one year of experience. So, I strongly recommend this particular job opportunity to those who have one year experience and are desperately looking for a change in company or want to get into a product development company or want themselves to be tagged with an MNC.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fresher Job in Applied Materials : Bangalore : BE Mec

Who told that it's difficult to find fresher job opportunities, if somebody says that, then I say they are not looking them in the right place.. I agree to the fact that many might find it difficult to get a job as freshers but not in finding the opportunities. CampusCub is here to solve your first problem that's providing you with the freshers job opportunities. But, getting them is your part. We are ready to help you with all the information that you require with respect to preparation, tips & tricks, referrals and all sort of things.. Please always feel free to drop a mail if you need any assistance, we will try to do our best to help you or guide you as a friend.

Friday, February 17, 2012

SAP Freshers Jobs at Process Weaver : 0-2 Years : Hyderabad

Since quiet a few years I have been hearing a lot about this 3 alphabet word called 'SAP', once I even wanted to learn and work under this technology. I am sure that many of you reading this post might have also heard a lot by now. But, why I was trying to learn..? it's due to the package associated to that name. I heard that people with SAP experience would earn a huge package and good onsite travel opportunities... ;) (I liked both the parts then... though now I ended up as Java Developer whom can be found in any gulli.. :(.. ). 

We have been trying too hard since we started CampusCub, and most of time we have to admit to the fact that we couldn't deliver much of fresher job opportunities for SAP guys. But, then we haven't lost hope. We get a few requests from our visitors asking us to post more job opportunities on SAP technology. But, as we have been saying always.. We try everything to make freshers happy all the time. But, this time I guess all those freshers who are looking for SAP jobs would absolutely love this post. So read on to know more about this opportunity.....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Multiple Fresher Job Opportunities : 3DPLM : Pune & Bangalore

It's been a while that we have met, in-fact few days back I was checking CampusCub analytics and I was shocked to see how many visitors were calling us daily. Some times I feel real sad, as I myself feel that I am not doing much to help all my visitors with a job in different companies. But, I would like to let all my visitors know that, I am doing all that what I can do to help you all. CampusCub is not just an initiative to start a blog, but it's an wish to help freshers. CampusCub is not about money, it's about the satisfaction we get when we hear back from you that the post has helped them achieve a job...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sasken Is looking for C/C++ Programmers : 1.5+ Years : Bangalore

Today one of my friend "Maama"(we all call him that way, while his real name is Miyasab) has forwarded a mail to my inbox, I suddenly realized that it's been quiet a sometime now that I had posted anything for those freshers who are having 1+ years of experience and are desperately looking for change. Hope you are all aware that on CampusCub, we just post the Job Openings for those who fall under 0-2 years of experience. And why do you think that we have chosen that range..?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Intel Hiring Fresher, Graduates and Trainees : Bangalore

It's been just a day that we had our last post on "fresher job opening with InfoYogis" for executives and Writers. Then again I am back with yet another amazing fresher job opportunity. This time it's a company you all are very much associated and would love to start your career with. Personally I am overwhelmed with this job opportunity and felt that I should have been still a student to get a job in this Company. But, looks like it's been too late for me now.. ;)

All these Entry level jobs are located in Bangalore, Even if you are not physically located here, that shouldn't at-all stop you from applying for this position. I would say to all those freshers who are reading this post today, to not even miss an single option to apply for these many positions. I am sure that you wont get any much better fresher job openings than this in any single company. But, let me remind you to the fact that cracking the interview in Intel is not that easy.. That doesn't mean it's impossible... So, all you need to do is, just explore all the available opportunities with Intel that suites your requirements and start preparing for the interview.

Also this time you might not see the complete job specification like we normally post with the center aligned content. The reason is that we are not talking about any one fresher job, rather we are talking about the pool of such fresher job openings or opportunities. This post would be like a dream come true to most of the recent college graduates. I can classify the opening into three categories, which would be listed briefly in the how to apply section. I suggest you all to search very specifically on that basic and open each and every job listing and read it carefully and if you feel any one relevant to you, then go ahead and apply for that position with out any further thought.

How to Apply
Step 1 : Click on this Intel's Careers link
Step 2 : Select the advanced Search tab
Step 3 : Scroll down to the "Job Type" section using the scroll bar at the right
Step 4 : Select one of the last three Job Types which matches you the most
Step 5 : Click on "Search for Jobs" button
Step 6 : Go through all the job specification thoroughly
Step 7 : Once you find the best fit to your profile click on "Apply Button"
Step 8 : Follow the further steps

Suggestions from CampusCub
- Prepare very well for the interview
- Master your basics and stick to them
- Go through most common fresher interview questions
- Work on your Data Structures abilities
- If you are good at C/C++ then better fasten your seat belts with programs
- Practice most of the complex Campus interview questions
- Also focus a bit on your communication skills

Fresher Job Opportunities you might have missed
SPAN is providing Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities with Google
Qualcomm is Hiring Freshers 2010 and 2011
MouthShut is Hiring Fresher analyst

With Love,
Team CampusCub

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

InfoYogis Hiring Writers and Executives : Freshers : Bangalore

Everyone loves their student life and Everyone loves their professional life(may be not as much as the earlier one.. ;)...) But what about the life between that..? Do we love that life and I would like to call that life as Fresher Life.. :D ha ha.. sounds funny isn't it.? I have seen many of my friends who haven't enjoyed that part of life and know how difficult it is. But, then some day they all get happy..! You know why I say this, It's just to let you all freshers know that there are plenty of jobs out there, but might just take that extra time of yours. Nothing more than that.. For many this extra time proves to be very difficult, And we are here to help you reduce that extra time from your Fresher Life...

Friday, February 3, 2012

*****Position Closed****** Qualcomm Hiring Freshers : 2010 & 2011 Batch : Hyderabad

*****Position Closed******
CampusCub welcomes you..! then you might ask me for what am I being welcomed.. Yes, I have an answer to that... Guess what..?? What else could it be than, yet another "fresher job opportunity"...!!! I love this initiative, I love helping freshers, and I love much more when I get your valuable feedback into my inbox. I keep getting several appreciation from several visitor and that count is increasing day by day. I would request you to like us on Facebook, so that you are very much updated about several Fresher Job Opportunities which are listed on CampusCub.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

*****Position Closed****** SPAN is looking for Trainees : Internship Opportunity : 2011 Batch : Bangalore

*****Position Closed******
Hello Everyone... No matter what it is, the journey of CampusCub continues all the times. By, helping you all freshers in providing the details and where abouts of Fresher Job opportunities and Internship Opportunities across India. We have been getting several mails acknowledging this wonderful initiative along with few suggestions, actually those are the things which keep us alive and help us to serve you better. We have increased our posts per month, we have increased our traffic, we have increased our web rankings and many more..