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Friday, January 27, 2012

Microsoft Hiring Freshers : 2012 Batch : Hyderabad

I would like to start the new post by wishing you all Indians a very happy Republic Day, I always liked Republic Day, if you remember those chocolate distribution in our school days and drills under hot sunlight... :) I miss them now... We are here today to provide you with an wonderful job opportunity for freshers and more interestingly with the Company which was so close to our lives.. :) It's Microsoft guys, it's Microsoft..! Now, tell me who as a fresher doesn't want to get a job in Microsoft. It's exceptional to those guys who have heard from their seniors, talking about the differences between Java & DotNET and to those who unknowingly argue that Java is more advanced than DotNET. Friends believe me, I personally am a Java Developer and proud to say that I love using Microsoft Applications most of the times.

Especially You, all freshers need not bother about the competition between Java & DotNet. All you need to be focusing on right now is, "Getting A Job". So, what are you waiting for. Just to let you know about this particular post, I haven't received it from any of my sources. I have found this information in the website of Microsoft India. Which means this is not any walk-in or a recruitment drive. It's just an open application process, so you need to be very patient about it's process. 


Job Category: Software Engineering: Development

Location: India, Hyderabad
Job ID: 772445
Division: IT

**Only Fresher’s to apply (2012 Batch) **

Software Development Engineer:
In common parlance, a Software Design Engineers (SDE) in the IT industry is expected to write good and sustainable code. However, at Microsoft, the role has a far deeper significance. Our strong culture of empowerment and innovation encourages an SDE to own and evangelize the product or offering, and not just put it together-thereby impacting millions of people all over the world. Our broad range of products allows our SDEs to grow and nurture their skills, so that they are always on the cutting edge of technology. This encourages the adoption of a diverse range of skills, be it in Systems, Databases, Web Development, Devices or the host of other areas in the company’s vast portfolio of offerings.

Build strong partnerships with program management and test partners to design and prioritize features.
Develop a peer network of extremely smart people, all working towards the same goal of helping and satisfying customers. This gives the SDE a great opportunity to be nurtured and mentored in the community.

Software Design Engineer in Test:
A Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) at Microsoft is a developer with the primary responsibility of writing code and tools to test products. SDETs are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the product meets the customers’ needs. It is a very unique and challenging role and provides immense opportunity to design wide-reaching tools. It combines the "building" aspect of software design engineering with the "breaking" aspect of software test engineering. Microsoft test organizations have developed rich and effective test methodologies and tools. Procedures include functional testing, negative testing, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing, scalability testing, international testing, and more. All are conducted to make sure that the customer gets the best quality product.

Utilize innovative test technologies to develop a product's testing strategy. Test and critique software to ensure quality and identify potential improvement opportunities and projects.
Work closely with SDEs and program managers to understand product requirements and functionality, design appropriate test plans and test cases to verify features and functionalities, and then identify bugs through systematic testing.
Identify key business improvement opportunities and potential future projects. Work with the Program Managers and Developers to design, develop and maintain automation systems for use in development and testing cycles.

Program Manager:
To say that the role of a Program Manager (PM) at Microsoft is unique, is an understatement. The usual parallels drawn from the industry are the “Product Manager” (product companies) and “Project Manager” (service companies) roles. Neither of these are accurate, though there are elements of the PM job at Microsoft that could sometimes overlap these roles. It is not a marketing role, but a very clear engineering role. It is not a people management role, though there are PM career paths both in management as well as in individual contributor streams. It is an inwardly facing role, though customer empathy is a key competency requirement and customer connection is a key role attribute.

Partner with development and work through the entire product cycle as the advocate for end-users and customers. The role entails the following three distinct “phases” in cycles: Learn, Spec, Deliver.

This is all I have and "Do you have the rest...?" Here "the rest" is your preparation and technical skills to claim this job..! What are you waiting for, don't just get disappointed that you are not getting any fresher job opportunities, leave that to us.. We are here to help you with that, to our best, but it's you who need to do the real work(preparation). I advice you only one thing, there are plenty of fresher job opportunities for all those freshers out there. But, there are no enough freshers who have it in them, to make it through the interview process. So, please friends you need to focus on only one thing, work on your technical skills to the best.

How to Apply :
Step 1 - Click on this Microsoft Careers Link
Step 2 - Click on "Apply to this Job" button
Step 3 - Select "Create Resume" button
Step 4 - Follow the registration process

Suggestions from CampusCub :
- Please concentrate of your technical skills
- Prepare very well on Data Structures(Linked List, Arrays, Graphs, Algorithms)
- Work on your communication
- Stick to the Basics

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With Love,
Team CampusCub