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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Facebook Hiring for Analyst Position at Hyderabad Location : 1+ Years Exp

Here is my first question.. What is the most heppening thing on Internet these days...? Most of you reading this blog might not even think for even seconds before they come up with the answer and those who could not doesn't mean that they are not aware of the answer. But, then I can't stop myself disclosing the answer... "FACEbook", don't you agree....??? Now, my second is who doen't want to work with Facebook...? I believe "everybody wan't to work" would be the answer from most of your mouths. Well here is your opportunity, which CampusCub has bought to you if you have not explored it till now. I sure you can't wait reading this post further and try your hands on this fresher job opportunity.

Before is start about Facebook, I would like you to not miss the recent post for freshers "Mahindra Hiring Freshers" and "IBM Hiring Freshers". Well this particular "Analyst" position with Facebook is for those who have a minimum of 1 year of experience. Just to update you promptly, this position is not for any technical position but it is for User Operations. Which means that quit a few might not be happy with this, and there are few who might live it. If you are interested them please read further to know about the complete job description. Facebook is eager to add a new "Analyst, User Operations" full time position at their Hyderabad location. I am sure that I need not tell you all, how is it to work with this company. The Company is wonderful, the location is much more wonderful(not if we consider the recent telangana issues but with the cost of living), the requirement is good and what not. As I have already told you that it's not technical, but for those who have a very good sense of humor and good appetitie to work with Facebook and very good with user operation job activities then you are the guy/gal..

Responsibilities :
Respond to contacts from users regarding a variety of site issues
Enforce our Terms of Use by carefully monitoring reports of abuse on the site
Analyze user interaction with the product and communicate this analysis to others within the department and company
Identify inefficiencies in work flow and suggest solutions
Interface effectively with other teams

Requirements :
B.A., B.S., or higher, Master's is a plus
1 - 3 years of experience preferred
Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
Flexibility to take on multiple tasks
Extremely reliable, consistent, and hard-working
Strong attention to detail and critical thinking skills
Deep understanding of Facebook preferred
Passion for ensuring a good user experience

Now you know about the complete job description and by now you should be in a position to decide whether you are the right person for it or not. If you think you are the one among them, then don't even give a second though, Just pack your resume and apply it right away.

How to Apply :
Step 1 : Click on this Facebook Carrers page link
Step 2 : Click on "Apply for this Position" button
Step 3 : Follow the instructions

Suggestions from CampusCub : 
This position looks very challenging, as it is concentrated on the customer. Which means that your communication skills should be execptional and they might test your skills on aptitude and smartness. So, I suggest you to be very much prepared on the communication part for this perticular position. I am sure that it won't be that easy to crack it, but never an impossible task.

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With Love,
Team CampusCub

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