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Monday, January 30, 2012

Technical Analyst Position : MouthShut.Com : 0-2 Years

We had a wonderful January, with almost 3-4 fresher job opportunities listed on CampusCub and 2-3 job opportunities for other associates. I have started 2012 with a bang and promise you to continue in the same way for the rest of the year and years to come..! Today I am here to present you yet another entry level job for freshers with MouthShut.Com.... We have already posted one opportunity with the same company but that was for MBA guys, And this time for Techies... 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Microsoft Hiring Freshers : 2012 Batch : Hyderabad

I would like to start the new post by wishing you all Indians a very happy Republic Day, I always liked Republic Day, if you remember those chocolate distribution in our school days and drills under hot sunlight... :) I miss them now... We are here today to provide you with an wonderful job opportunity for freshers and more interestingly with the Company which was so close to our lives.. :) It's Microsoft guys, it's Microsoft..! Now, tell me who as a fresher doesn't want to get a job in Microsoft. It's exceptional to those guys who have heard from their seniors, talking about the differences between Java & DotNET and to those who unknowingly argue that Java is more advanced than DotNET. Friends believe me, I personally am a Java Developer and proud to say that I love using Microsoft Applications most of the times.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

***Position Closed**** TCS Hiring Freshers : 2010 & 2012 passouts : Baroda & Bangalore Locations

It was a busy last week with quiet a few fresher job opportunities and an wonderful job opportunity for those who were looking for a job in Facebook, well the later was for those with more than a year of experience. Now, we have come with yet another bang, this time it was from my very good friend Chinna who has provided me with this job details. I would like to thank Chinna, through all our CampusCub users for this information. Just to remind you about the past, We have recently posted fresher job opportunities in IBM, do check this post to get more details on that event. Just to remind you all guys, so that you wont miss if you haven't heard about that yet..!

"Please do not try to apply as this position is closed" 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Facebook Hiring for Analyst Position at Hyderabad Location : 1+ Years Exp

Here is my first question.. What is the most heppening thing on Internet these days...? Most of you reading this blog might not even think for even seconds before they come up with the answer and those who could not doesn't mean that they are not aware of the answer. But, then I can't stop myself disclosing the answer... "FACEbook", don't you agree....??? Now, my second is who doen't want to work with Facebook...? I believe "everybody wan't to work" would be the answer from most of your mouths. Well here is your opportunity, which CampusCub has bought to you if you have not explored it till now. I sure you can't wait reading this post further and try your hands on this fresher job opportunity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

IBM Hiring Freshers : 2010 & 2011 pass-outs

Wish you all a belated Makara Sankranthi... Hope you all guys have enjoyed the festival. Just to recollect the things, I had already posted an wonderful fresher job opportunity last week with Mahindra Satyam. In-case you have missed it then check this post "Mahindra Satyam Hiring Freshers", the registration ends by this week 18th Jan 2012. So hurry up and apply for that fresher job opportunity. I did make you happy by that last weeks opening post and I am sure that I will continue to make you all freshers out there happy by posting yet another opportunity for freshers in this post. This time it's with the same company with which I am employed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

DE Shaw looking for Commerce Graduates : Hyderabad Location : 18months+ exp

This is the second job posting this year, It's been just a day that I am back from my vacation and started my posts on CampusCub. Now, it's already 3 blog posts I managed to skid though. I would suggest you to go through my first post "welcome campuscub to 2012", which will talk about CampusCub and my resolutions for improving CampusCub in 2012. Just yesterday I had posted an wonderful job opportunity for freshers with Mahindra Satyam. Now, I have found an interesting job opportunity for those with almost two years of experience with an much more interesting Company named "DE-Shaw". This time it's for the commerce guys..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

****Position Closed**** : Mahindra Satyam Hiring Freshers : 2010 and 2011 batch

"Please do not try to apply as this position is closed" 
CampusCub has taken a resolution to help freshers even better in the year 2012 and it's busy doing it. It looks like I am going to rain you freshers with lot of opportunities starting with this wonderful job opportunity with Mahindra Satyam. I would like to personally thank Ramesh, a dear friend of mine who is working in Mahindra Satyam and provided me with this information. He also has expressed his interest in helping the campuscub users with all the required information he can provide.

Welcome CampusCub to 2012

Welcome to CampusCub 2012....!!! I was on vacation for quiet a some time now, had a wonderful time off-line and now I am back to business. First of all I would like to wish you a "very happy and prosperous new year" and hope that all those freshers who are looking out for jobs would get placed in their favorite companies very soon. 

It has been a wonderful 2011 which has just passed us with lots of highs and very few lows. I have made CampusCub much more active in the past 8-9 months and made myself reachable to quiet a lot more people through various options. 2011 is especially proved to be very important year to me, as CampusCub is made available on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. CampusCub increased it's page-views and unique visits and above all we are absolutely delighted to hear back from our users.

Now, as CampusCub has entered into new year of 2012, I have made my resolutions prepared very well for this year. Hope you would be very happy to know them,

Resolutions 2012
1. Increase fresher job posts (a minimum of 3 posts per week)
2. Increase Internship job posts (at-least one/two internship opportunity per month)
3. Introducing resume preparation tips to freshers occasionally
4. Introducing posts which will help freshers in preparing for fresher jobs
5. Introducing posts on Campus preparation
6. Try to get more references from professional networks
7. Better response to your queries

Just to reiterate on this initiative to help freshers, I am here just with an very clear intention to help freshers in finding job or internship opportunities. I do agree that there are already quiet a few sites which does it in a very corporate level, but CampusCub is unique in it's own way and I will tell you how. These simple points will help you understand why it's unique

How CampusCub is better
a. An volunteer initiative : I myself was once a freshers, hope you understood..
b. Very accurate/precise information : I bet not even a single post is false..
c. The source : All the information provided in these posts are either directly searched in the individual company websites or gathered from the friends who are working in those companies and were all once freshers..
b. A friend : Yes, I am your friend who can understand you pain as fresher and desperate to help you..
e. Suggestions : I do provide valuable suggestion on how to perform well in the interview process..
f. References : Drop us an email asking for references for any company, we might help you with that.

I would look forward to give my best for the above cause. I also request all CampusCub users/visitors to help us in turn to help you better. All that I am asking you in return are very few things

Help us back
i. Provide your valuable comments
ii. Please correct us if we went wrong somewhere
iii. Help CampusCub reach lot of freshers who would surely benefit by that
iv. Make use of CampusCub's social plugins for convenience  
v. Share us the job or internship opportunity in your company with us

With Love,
CampusCub Team