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Monday, December 12, 2011

Technical Writer Fresher Job with Start-Up Farms International

being studied in one of the top colleges in Bangalore, I was very much worried about my future and placements in particular. Though I knew about several websites which were pretending themselves to be life savers for freshers, I really didn't like them much. Reason is being simple, they were "lying"... yes they were and they are even now. As they always start by asking you to register with them first, then they keep on pumping mails to your mailboxes. So, how good is that..? well friends it's us who need to decide. In-fact it was always been us who had to decide on that and we failed in that... And this anger had led me to create this blog for all those freshers who are in need for a friends who really understands their problems and would be glad to help them.

Yes, CampusCub is a creation of one simple person who had just one thing in mind... Help freshers in gathering information about job openings and be a friend to all those who visit this blog. I in-fact want you to share your problems with me, then I might probably get back to you with an wonderful suggestions that might help you. Here are we not with any cruel intentions or neither we are here to criticize other fresher job portals. Our message is quiet clear and loud, we are an initiative to promote employment among freshers. We are here only for a very specific audience group, we are not stretching ourselves to any other tom, dick or harry group. So, having been sharing with you about our sweet intentions. I would like to take you though this post's actual purpose.

This post is going to show yet another ray of hope to all those writers, yes you might have understood by now. Technical Writer it is again, if you have missed our earlier such fresher job  requirement "Content Developer job for Freshers : Zomato". But this time with a company of which we are not aware of much. Basically to let you know more about this fresher job opportunity,  Start-up Farms is looking for content developer(technical writers) who can help them document the project activities. So, what does that role really mean to you..?

Let me put them all straight. This job opportunity involves no coding, they want a resource who can be very good in creating, updating and maintaining all the project related activities. They would be expecting you to interact with different stake holders in a project life cycle and co-ordinate with all of them and maintain the very accurate documentation. Putting it in their own words,


Responsible for creating, updating and maintaining software product documentation and other support documents.

The candidate will be part of technical documentation team with following responsibilities:
Interact with developers, solution management and quality engineers to know the product details.
Generating the user documentation with product screenshots.
Maintaining documentation reviews.
Incorporating the review comments.
Generating web help and context sensitive help documents.


Skill Set- Mandatory/Optional: 
Strong knowledge of MS Word is desired with optional knowledge of FrameMaker.

Fresher with zeal to learn or 1 Yrs. experience in product documentation.


How to Apply : 
Step 1 : Drop a mail to this email id "careers@startupfarms.com" with your most updated resume.

Suggestions from CampusCub : 
Frankly this section is the real important section of the complete blog. Hope you take the suggestion in a positive manner.
1. They are not looking for any coding geeks, so all those guys who are looking for high coding stuff please ignore this post and search for other relevant posts.
2. I strongly suggest this fresher job opportunity for those who often find difficult to code and would be glad to perform any role other than coding and earn a decent money.
3. Be prepared for few questions on SDLC. As the documentation should go thought his process.
4. Are you looking for a start, no mater what the role it is. then don't even give a second though. Just drop a mail to the above mentioned mail id and try your best.

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