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Friday, December 23, 2011

Introducing CampusCub Toolbar

CampusCub is all about showing great job opportunities to several freshers across India and I believe that I am very good at it. It's been just around an year that I had started this volunteer initiative to help all those freshers who are looking for a helping hand. I had always been with you and will continue to be so. I tried my best to reach large no.of audiences, thus by helping more and more freshers out there. I was very much active on Facebook & Twitter since quiet a long time and now with our new Google+ page I have reached several more people. Apart from those, I let our visitor communicate through several other channels such as RSS Feeds, Email Subscription and through Contact Us page on our website.

But today is a special day for CampusCub, I have taken our reach to a new heights by creating a CampusCub toolbar through alexa. Yes, you heard it right. Now all those freshers who love CampusCub can download this toolbar to your browser and get instant access to the valuable information and more importantly it's free. You all know that I never charged anything to my visitors, in-fact I was always proud to say that it's a complete volunteer initiative. 

You can download the tools bar from the our this website itself. All you need to do is click on the "Get our Toolbar" icon on the top right of the blog. Then you would redirected to the alexa website page from where you can download it and install on your web-browser. Currently the toolbar is supported by Mozilla and Internet Explorer only. Once you download and install it, you can have a very quick access to all the information on CampusCub on your browser and that too without opening our blog.

CampusCub Toolbar download button :Get our toolbar!

Wish this would make us more nearer to our cause. Please feel free to provide your feedback on this initiative and few suggestion will help us to serve you even better.


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