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Friday, December 2, 2011

Blog Writers required by Gogobot.com : Across the world position

I love travelling, wish I had got the opportunity to work for NGC or Discovery channels, thinking that I would get the opportunity to travel across the world. But, don't know how I am going to make it, it seems impossible to me at-least. Hey hold on.... why are we all of a sudden are talking about travel. Yes, I have a purpose as this particular fresher job opportunity needs for you to be a good traveler or at-least the one to have knowledge about the destination across the world and a very good writer of-course... I don't know about you, but meee... I would love to apply for this position and can't wait any longer. 

I have no much information on this gogobot company, but I surely believe that they are very good in what they do. This position in particular is not based on any location. They are looking for guys who are really passionate about travelling and who are also a very good writers. Take my suggestion that if you are not that good with your writing skill(mean you should also have very good in spelling, grammar, imagination, vocabulary) you better back of from this post and search another one for yourself. I case if you feel that your are good enough, I insist you to apply for this position and explore the job. Who know as one day they might give you tickets for a free travel destination as compensation(ha ha... i was just kidding, i am not completely wrong thoughhh...). Also remember that you have complete information on at-least 10 travel destination across the world which are famous enough to write a blog on them. So, by now you would have been confused that how they select you, as this location is more like a freelance work. Need not worry about that or think of any wrong ways. They are going to thoroughly ask you about the things you know about travel and they check your grammar to very minute level. They would also ask your articles which you have written on travel. I don't want to make you stay longer, just have a look at their specification by yourself


Please send to editor@gogobot.com

Do you love to travel? Do you appreciate the benefit of social media?

Do your friends come to you when they need a recommendation for the most romantic hotel in Paris, the best surfing beach in Costa Rica or the coolest art gallery in Tokyo? 

Have you ever dreamt of one day becoming a travel writer?

As a new social media startup, Gogobot is dedicated to making trip-planning almost as fun as the travel itself. You might be a perfect fit for us if you:

Love social media and sharing knowledge almost as much as you love travel and learning about the world
Have a talent for stringing together a sentence (prior professional writing experience preferred but not required; show us your skills and we’ll put you to work)
Use impeccable grammar and spelling, as you’ll be helping us build a database where one tiny error might mean you’ve just added the new city of San Francicso (cover letters or resumes with more than one or two errors will, as you can imagine, go straight into the trash)
Have the travel experience, helpful attitude and daily attention required to answer readers' questions on our home page
Know your way around a website or possibly behind a web page
Have the ability to work on a variety of editorial and technical tasks, research efficiently and write quickly
Know at least 5-10 travel destinations well (especially Greece, the Caribbean, India, Germany and Berlin, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Scotland, Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa)
A fairly strong grasp of geography (we’ll test you!)
Are available approximately 20-35 hours per week, including a weekly Skype check-in Tuesday morning at 9am PST

To apply:
Send an email with the cover letter in the body of the email
Include a run-on list of the top 5-20 destinations in which you have knowledge or expertise (feel free to expound upon the list elsewhere, but please create one list we can cut and paste into a spreadsheet cell)
Include links to travel-related content you’ve had published (articles, blogs, reviews, etc)
Create a profile on Gogobot.com and answer two questions in the Gogobot Network with recommendations (if you don’t want to create a profile, we understand -- but please send links to two Gogobot questions with hypothetical answers in the body of your email)
Attach your resume

We have three internship terms each year in spring (Jan-Apr), summer (May-Aug) and winter (Sept-Dec). We only hire in April, August and December. The internship pays $15/hour and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Our next internship period starts Thursday, September 8, 2011 and ends Friday January 13, 2012. Feel free to send your resume to beforehand so we are aware of your interest, but please resend it after August 8, 2011 to be considered for the internship position.

Just grab this opportunity, if not you I strongly suggest you to share this article with your friends who are passionate about travel and writing. If you have observed, the pay is also very good.

How to Apply :
Step 1: mail your documents to the mail id mentioned above

Suggestions from CampusCub :
For this blog, I can give numerous suggestion as it really demands many skill and most importantly you need to master those skills very well. But, I will try to short list them for you.
1. Very good in English
2. Very good in Grammar
3. Very good with Writing skills
4. Have a sound knowledge regarding travel destination across world
5. Know at-least 10 travel destination
6. Have published several articles
7. Most importantly a travel lover.

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