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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Medical Representatives wanted : Fresher Job : GSK

I was very interested in knowing what do those guys dressed in formals, carrying a same kind of bag all the time, walk into doctor's room and comes out smilingly does..??? I am really wondering and that doubt of mine was cleared only when I joined college. You might have guessed by now, of whom I was talking about. As most of you, Yes I am talking about those medical representatives whom we rarely get to see these days. This particular job position had certainly taken me back to my childhood memories. 

I have to admit that I am not good with Pharma terminologies but will surely try my best to narrate the job description in CampusCub way. As, we are proud to say that this is an absolute Pharma fresher job opportunity. It's nothing new to CampusCub regarding posting articles on the available fresher jobs in the field of pharmaceutical. If you are interested you might be happy to look at our last article on "Cadila Health-care". We believe that this position is demanding for a person who is good in communication, proactive and capable of reaching targets assigned to him. As it seems, it's more like an marketing job where it takes a lot from you and this particular domain has the capability to take you to the top. Another interesting is that it's based across GSK's locations in India. So, it's up to you if you want to decide on this opportunity, but as part of my job I will provide the clear requirement as I have gathered,

Medical Representatives
Work Location : Across India
Date Posted : Monday, June 28, 2010

Responsibilities :
Achieve and exceed sales target as per the company’s guidelines & policy
Promote Company’s brand & make products available at Chemist / Retail outlet, etc.
Increase and generate prescription base in a defined area.
Use strategically inputs and promotions materials given by Marketing Dept. from time to time to customers.
To conduct market research and to identify potential market and transfer market information.
Organize events, seminars, etc. for promoting brands.

Requirements :
Excellent Interpersonal skills & Communication skills
Planning and Analytical Skills
Flair for selling (Pharma selling)
Aggressive for meeting targets / deadlines
Good understanding of Pharma Market & strong network
Excellent Scientific Knowledge

How to Apply :
Step 1: Click on this "GSK's Career link"
Step 2: Click on the button "Send your application on-line" to apply

Suggestions from CampusCub :
Since you are being interviewed for the position which demands marketing skill, I prefer this job to those who strongly believe that they have no issues in working as marketing executive. I also advice to prepare yourself on the basics of your BPharm books and to be proactive with others.

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