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Monday, November 28, 2011

MBA Freshers wanted at MouthShut.com

Believe me or not, I really like this company name very much. It's been some time that I have posted any fresher jobs for management guys. I regularly keep getting questions from management guys of whom many are my friends, it's then I really thought about that. And I finally decided why not..?? So, here it is the proof of that "Why Not" thing. This is fresher job opportunity is exclusively for MBA guys, which means the right keyword is MBA fresher jobs.

I was always a fan of the MBA guys, at-least I feel that they are smart and very productive. Those are the qualities on which our requirement is based on today. To be more specific this job option is for Mouthshut.com's sister site zarca.com. Believe me or not, I guarantee you that you love working here in this company for sure. It had made a very big mark in the field of Web 2.0 long back in India and made it's mark quite stably now. They are hiring MBA graduates who has quiet an decent academic scores, who are good in math(don't know why they are asking this from an MBA guy), Team player and one who is willing to relocate to different locations once hired. I see this to be a very challenging career option as might give you a very good training on the whole processes before they put you on the hot seat. Which means you might have a good honeymoon period for at-least few initial days on job. Well, they had a very impressive and good job description on their blog. So read it yourself

Position Title: Technical Management Associate (TMA)
Location: Bandra, Mumbai, India
Educational and Technical Requirements:
 MBA or equivalent degree from a reputed University
 55% and above at the Bachelor’s degree level (BE/BTech or BSc/BCA)
 60% or above aggregate at Class 10 and Class 12 level
 Strong Analytical skills for effective problem solving
 Decent oral and written communication skills
 Aptitude for Math (college level)
 Team player, who can also work independently
 Ability to grasp issues quickly and make sound, educated decisions
 Willingness to relocate as per requirement

Career Path:
During the first year of employment with the company you will undergo extensive classroom and on the job training. All Technical Management Associates typically go through a 2-4 weeks boot camp where they are taught various functions of Internet companies such as ours. A mix of classroom and hands-on training rotates you through various departments of the company for varying amounts of time. These departments include Quality Assurance, IT, Program Management, Data Mining, Technical Support, Seminar, Sales and Marketing etc.

About the Company:
Zarca Interactive is a global, technology based, hi-tech research solutions company. The company has the industry's most powerful research platform and has signed up several Fortune 500 clients. The list includes the who's who of the corporate world in North America, Europe and Middle East.

Website: www.zarca.com
MouthShut.com, a sister company is India’s leading Internet company. Founded in 2000, MouthShut.com is India's first and the world's leading Web 2.0 cutting-edge hi-technology new- media company. MouthShut.com has won MANY prestigious awards such as the Manthan Award for Best Youth website in India- 2006. Red Herring Asia Top 100- 2008. Most recently, MouthShut won India's best portal award 2010.

How to Apply :
Step 1: Click on this "MouthShut jobs blog"
Step 2: Search for the position title "Technical Management Associate" and then apply

Suggestions from CampusCub :
This is a startup company though little old one, they are looking for some real smart guys. So, you better be very much prepared on what you are going to face. As they clearly mentioned they are looking for someone who has decent academics scores which means be prepared for few tough questions from your MBA textbooks. They might also focus on your academic project and they would surely test you math test. Don't be surprised if they ask you to take an aptitude test before interview. So revise your RS Agarwal text books :)

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