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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Graphic Designer and Process Associate Frehser jobs : Zomato

It was my dream to start an tech company, I mean it is still my dream. But I see that it requires a lot to achieve that dream of mine. Then I decided to work with one of such startup to got to know more before I start, though that decision of mine never got fulfilled at-least till now. But, I don't want you guys to miss that. That's the reason I have got Zomato back in our list, making it a second entry and I am proud to say that it's exclusively for freshers. Yes, I mean that... You need not have any prior experience for these position. As, I have told you, it's second time we have listed opportunity with Zomato and if you want to check the previous one then it's here "Zomato for Content Developer Job".  

This particular post is for two such fresher requirements, one is for Graphic Designer and the other one if for Process Associate. Graphic Designer position would be ideal for the freshers who are looking for the break. I know it's difficult to get a start in the field of graphic designing as I have experienced it by myself. So, If you have a good knowledge and practice with most of the Adobe Creative Suite tools and CorelDraw, I suggest you not to miss this wonderful Graphic Designer fresher job opportunity Next is the Process Associate position, this is another challenging position for you guys as this demands smart and motivated individuals to handle the tickets at Zomato by attending the calls if required. That means you should have very good communication skill for this position. Just go through the below job description for more details

 Position: Graphics Designer 
Stellar visualization skills
Experience would be a plus, though not mandatory
Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and CorelDraw

Creating online and physical marketing material for advertising Zomato on other websites and physical media
Designing layouts and graphics for Zomato’s website, mobile products and other web products
Designing new marketing concepts from scratch – virals, merchandise etc

Position: Process Associate
Intelligent and self-motivated individuals, willing to work hard, to achieve and exceed targets
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Computer skills (an absolute necessity)
Less than two years of work-experience, preferably freshers

Support Zomato ticketing services with inbound and outbound call support


How to Apply:-
Note: This How to Apply section is yet another initiative to help CampusCub visitor to the best by providing set by step navigation on how to apply for the positions above 
Step 1: Go to "Careers Zomato"
Step 2: Select the Openings tab
Step 3: Select Graphic Designer or Process Associate images
Step 4: Register and then apply

Suggestions from CampusCub:-
Note: This Suggestions section is yet another very important initiative to help CampusCub visitor in providing them useful suggestion in order to perform better during the interview process
-For Graphic Designer position I suggest you to apply only when you confident and have hands on training on most of the Adobe Creative Suite softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker and CorelDraw. It's your creativity level and exposure to the Adobe tools is what they might be looking in an Ideal candidate. Do not fear if you are not that good with your communication skill, as these kind of skill require a very good creativity but not he communication. I strongly suggest you to carry a CD with all your works, which might impress them along with any certification of you graphic designing courses which might prove to be a big plus.
-For Process Associate position, I strongly suggest you guys to work on your communication skills before you apply. Normally these kind of position the interviewer would be looking for a smart, dynamic and intelligent candidate. Since it's already mentioned that you need to have Computer skill, do prepare yourself for few Excel and Word questions.

So, this is what we have for you today. Hope you have found this fresher job opportunity useful and please share it with your friends. May be you turn out to be be a job giver for them and imagine how thankful they would be to you for this rare fresher job opportunity. At CampsuCub we always welcome suggestion and comments to help you and other even better. Make use of our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn gadgets to express your view.

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