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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Medical Representatives wanted : Fresher Job : GSK

I was very interested in knowing what do those guys dressed in formals, carrying a same kind of bag all the time, walk into doctor's room and comes out smilingly does..??? I am really wondering and that doubt of mine was cleared only when I joined college. You might have guessed by now, of whom I was talking about. As most of you, Yes I am talking about those medical representatives whom we rarely get to see these days. This particular job position had certainly taken me back to my childhood memories. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

MBA Freshers wanted at MouthShut.com

Believe me or not, I really like this company name very much. It's been some time that I have posted any fresher jobs for management guys. I regularly keep getting questions from management guys of whom many are my friends, it's then I really thought about that. And I finally decided why not..?? So, here it is the proof of that "Why Not" thing. This is fresher job opportunity is exclusively for MBA guys, which means the right keyword is MBA fresher jobs.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Graphic Designer and Process Associate Frehser jobs : Zomato

It was my dream to start an tech company, I mean it is still my dream. But I see that it requires a lot to achieve that dream of mine. Then I decided to work with one of such startup to got to know more before I start, though that decision of mine never got fulfilled at-least till now. But, I don't want you guys to miss that. That's the reason I have got Zomato back in our list, making it a second entry and I am proud to say that it's exclusively for freshers. Yes, I mean that... You need not have any prior experience for these position. As, I have told you, it's second time we have listed opportunity with Zomato and if you want to check the previous one then it's here "Zomato for Content Developer Job".  

Friday, November 25, 2011

www.campuscub.blogspot.com is now www.campuscub.com

Yes it's true, CampusCub now has it's own domain name and what better domain name could it get other than "www.campuscub.com". It's been a dream come true for us with this achievement, yet another milestone fulfilled. We always wanted to have our own domain name and stand out amongst other. This will make us more nearer to our visitor than ever before. Just to let you know, there wont be any change in the layout or the whole campuscub's design except the domain name.

Old Domain Name : www.campuscub.blogspot.com
New Domain Name : www.campuscub.com

Well you can still access your favorite fresher job blog through our old url also. It's just an initiative to bring ourselves much closer to you, that we have redirected this blog to this new url.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aricent Hiring : c and c++ developers with 1.5 + years of exp : Gurgaon

Ola... I got a mail from a very good friend of mine from Aricent this morning regarding this particular opportunity. It fit's CampusCub rules and I took no time to post it on your favorite blog. In case if you have missed our previous post regarding an opportunity with Marvell Technologies, take time to not miss it now. Please share this blog with your friends or those who are in need for an wonderful opportunity to start a career. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pharma Marketing Job : Cadile Health Card India : Freshers Job 1+ years

Sure you might have heard about this company several times on TV's, radios and you might have also purchased their products by yourself in any medical or provisional stores.... And how about a thought to work for that company and grow it's sale under your assistance.. For me it sounds great, but sadly I know very little about marketing for now. So, I myself have very less to transfer or give gyan to you on this sector or position. But, never the least as you would be provided with detailed information on this particular position with out hiding anything from you. That level of transparency has been always appreciated by our visitors always and we are proud to be like that. So, hop on this blog and read further to get detailed description of the this opportunity...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Embedded Systems : Marvell Technologies India : Pune : Fresher Job 0 years of exp required

Bhoooom, dhom, dhom.. most of us might have loved those sounds in our childhood Diwali days.. at-least I was waiting for that day, And now, it's all turning out to be boring... Those days we had little money to buy and lots of interest and today we have money but no interest.. This is how life is, as you grow up.. And not the least, Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Diwali... As you all might have taken your valuable time off for the Diwali, Even CampusCub was on leave for a week... And not to worry, as we are going to compensate those extra post this week. And this time with lots for our freshers... I mean really for freshers with no prior experience. Sound juicy isn't it...??? :) I bet it sounds....