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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Technical Writer position with National Instruments(NI)

....long back during campus placements in our college, it was when I have heard about National Instruments or rather famously known as NI. Since then, I have heard a lot about NI, that it's a good company, product based company and especially very good in paying out heavy packages(you like this part, aren't you..??). Then suddenly got this idea and went into the careers tab of NI and started searching for jobs which I can post on CampusCub. It wasn't hard as I have thought in finding a suitable job which could be possibly a dream job to many of our visitors. If you remember I have already posted a similar kind of opportunity few days back titled "Zomato Hiring content developers", that position was more on content development and here it's about writing technical documents. 

Believe me, if you feel that you are looking for a very good start in your career and don't mind working as a technical writer, then I strongly suggest you to not miss this opportunity. Interesting of all the things is that they have very clearly mentioned that they are looking for people with 0-4 years of experience, which interests CampusCub very much in particular. Although they have again mentioned as they prefer some one who has at-least 1 year experience in Writing or Editing technically related subjects. And since very long time we have been publishing available fresher opportunities from technical background and this time it is not. You can apply for this job even if you have completed you bachelors or masters in English or rather in anything, until you have a good command over writing technical documents.

Find the below job description as provided by NI in their website's career tab,
Technical writers at National Instruments India, partner with an engineering team to develop and improve product documentation. As an NI technical writer, you write technical documentation, collaborate with content experts to develop/enhance documentation content, and work with product managers and engineers to improve the usability of documentation and products.

This role is for candidates with 0-4 years of work experience in technical writing with at least 1 year experience where core job responsibilities have focused on writing or editing of technology-related subjects.

We prefer candidates with a Bachelors or Masters degree in English, Technical Communication or other major with writing-intensive component and/or science/technology emphasis.

To apply for this role or request the complete profile, please email: nib.recruting@ni.com or call +91 80 41190000

Sounds interesting isn't it.? So, what are you waiting for, prepare your resumes accordingly and don't mind sending them few of your works along side your resume which could impress them, again I mean to send something related to technical writing which you have created. Ever you have helped you college lecturers or professors in completing their Phd work.? then I insist you to mention them in your resume. And coming back to the ways you can apply to this particular position, then would be very happy as you have already know that. If yo have missed that part them just the job description and you can see by yourself.

Please share this information with your friends who are in need and those whom you think can help others. As I have been mentioning since last 3-4 blogs, CampusCub is now equipped with Facebook and Twitter gadgets. Make us of them to Like, Share, Send, Tweet.....


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