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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Campus Cub going live on Facebook and Twitter

"like" and "tweet" are the magic buttons everyone is hearing and crazy about these days. Believe I don't have to let you all know what those two buttons mean. Well for those who don't know what they really mean, You need not be sorry as I am going to tell you now. I was referring to the two most happening thing on Internet these days. One is gift from guy named '' who gave us this thing called as facebook and the other guy named '' who had given us other one called as twitter. These both have bought people closer than ever.

You should be wondering on why am I referring to these two magic buttons, while I was supposed to write blogs on several opportunities for freshers and graduates. Yes, I have a reason for that and that reason is the passion that Campus Cub has carried along the way to help freshers and graduates to know about the opportunities which they could get through it. And to accomplish that, Campus Cub leaves no options to reach maximum users whom it can serve. In an effort to make this happen we have gone online on Facebook and Twitter, Campus Cub on Facebook and Campus Cub on Twitter. Check them out by yourself and don't forget to like in Facebook and tweet in Twitter if you like.

In another move to help users to share the blog with their friends on Facebook and tweet on twitter we have come up with "Like", "Share" buttons with Facebook and "Follow", "Tweet" buttons on Twitter. You can view them regularly on the bottom of every blog, so that once your done reading your favorite blog you can share your views by pressing any of these buttons. 

Facebook :
Twitter :

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