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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fresher Jobs(1+) : Java/J2EE developer with Zycus Inc : Mumbai Location

We always believed in that 4 letter word "HELP", right from the beginning.... And we promise you that we would do that as long as there is a need for us to help all those freshers who are in desperate need. We can understand their pain and eagerness in searching for a job as fresher, tell us that who else other than once a freshers would understand that better... We are finding much more ways to help you better day by day, the day we started CampusCub was just a few blogs and now it's almost 2-3 post on fresher job per week.. We have improved ourselves constantly, Earlier we had only the blog URL to socialize, but today it's much more user friendly through CampusCub on Facebook and CampusCub on Twitter accounts. Earlier we had full posts on our home page, today we have part of posts on our home page where users can decide if he likes to explore or not, thus by saving their valuable scroll time.. At times, I feel what took me so long to start this initiative. Had I been started this during my college days.... I would have benefited a lot more. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fresher Jobs(1+) : Executive position with Biocon India : Bangalore Location

Pharmacy week is how we call it.. We had already posted an available position for those with 1+ years of experience on Monday, it was with Himalaya Health Care as Sales Office. And now we were going through our hunt for pharma guys.. If you are interested in knowing more opportunities for this domain then please leave your comment on this blog, we will try to get many more of such kind. I can't explain about the position in particular in detail, due to lack of knowledge in this field. But, we never back up on that reason and in fact most our visitor encourage our initiative and asking for much more posts on Jobs for freshers. Past one month has been really an amazing journey for CampusCub, lots of posts which means lot more people getting benefited from this blog. We love it, and we want to improve this much better, for that we surely need mentors and more volunteers from different sector who can help us and in fact help many people who are looking for jobs..! Please read on for know more on this particular opening.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fresher Jobs (1+) : Sales Officer position at Himalaya Health Care

I was once going through all the post on CampusCub and have realized that most of the post are related to IT jobs. Then I thought for few seconds and have decided that we had to diversify this initiative to different sectors. While I was looking on how to start with, my phone rang.... It was my friend "Mallu", who had been looking for job in pharma sector. That's it, I had decided now..!!! Though that domain is new to CampusCub, I didn't leave anytime to go ahead and start my hunt, the "CampusCub Hunt"... For all those who don't know what is "CampusCub Hunt", it's a unique way by which CampusCub will deliver so many job opportunities for freshers. There, is not rocket science involved in this process and I am not even afraid to share those hunting points with you.. They are simple, 1) We crawl the career page of websites as we surf on net 2) Friends network. As you have seen, those are only two simple rules we have for you, and what makes us special is that we follow those two rules very well.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fresher Jobs : Internship opportunity with Google

Wow wow wow "Google" it is.. Here we come again, with a big bang... This time it's for students, who are desperate to do their internship in this top company. I am sure that you cant wait to read complete post, then what are you waiting for hop on to the Cub. If you remember we had written an article on internship named "A valuable ship known as Internship", which is one of my favorite on CampusCub. It gives us immense happiness when were find any opportunities for student or those who have no experience, because they are the reason for this initiative. As a college graduate I can understand how tough it is to get any start in a good company, and that understanding actually had led to the creation of this CampusCub.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fresher Jobs : Customer Support Specialist position with FICO(Fair Issac)

CampusCub is baaaaaaaaack.... as we at CampusCub have taken a pledge that we would flood this blog with opportunities for freshers, When I say freshers it's for those who have either no experience or those with less than 2 years of experience. And if you ask us why do we consider 1-2 years as freshers, well we don't have any scientific reason for that. But we can say that in many companies 0-2 years experienced are considered as freshers or associates in their terms. Though we are not bothered about how they name them, we at campuscub feel that employees having less than 2 years of experience often find it difficult in finding jobs as most of the job portals you visit or companies careers tabs you visit they mention 2+ years experienced required(isn't that true..?). And here in CampusCub we always are to help those who are in need and those to whom there are few who promise to help.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Technical Writer position with National Instruments(NI)

....long back during campus placements in our college, it was when I have heard about National Instruments or rather famously known as NI. Since then, I have heard a lot about NI, that it's a good company, product based company and especially very good in paying out heavy packages(you like this part, aren't you..??). Then suddenly got this idea and went into the careers tab of NI and started searching for jobs which I can post on CampusCub. It wasn't hard as I have thought in finding a suitable job which could be possibly a dream job to many of our visitors. If you remember I have already posted a similar kind of opportunity few days back titled "Zomato Hiring content developers", that position was more on content development and here it's about writing technical documents. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Software Engineer position at FactSet

Hi Friends,

It's less than 3 days that I have posted my last post 'Support Engineer position at RedBus' on CampusCub, and then here I am today with yet another wonderful job opportunity for Freshers. This time it's a wonderful company you would like to work with, yes really it is wonderful to work at FactSet located in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad. I think many of you might have not heard about this company earlier. In fact even I have never heard about this company until I was surfing on internet in a quest to find out the best places to work for. Then a thought had crossed my mind, why shouldn't I search for available career opportunities for freshers in that company and give CampusCub readers a wonderful gift. Amazingly I was very successful while looking for job opportunities in FactSet. Do you want to view the article which I have read on Business Insider titled "Best Companies to work for in 2011"?.

As the job description goes, they say they are looking for software engineers who are at-least 1year experienced in C++ and OOB methodologies, Strong in Data Structures and Algorithms  They might be very much interested in the people who had completed their studies in top institutions such as IIT's, NIT's, IIIT's and BITS. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't give a try only if you have attended those institutions, please give yourselves a try if you are confident and think you meet the other requirements set by them. So, here is the exact job description as they have mentioned in their website,

Job Code : 574
Location : Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh IN 500 019
Job Type : Full Time
Career Level : Experienced (Non-Manager)
Education : Bachelor's Degree
Category : Computers, Software

Job Description :
Department Brief
Engineers at Market Data Engineering team design/develop software and tools to ensure reliable delivery of time-sensitive financial data to our end customers.

Job Responsibilities
Develop and maintain exchange feed application for various stock exchanges in the Asia Pacific region
Work closely with product development team and stock exchange representatives
Work independently and deliver in a deadline focused environment
Take on-call duties for production responsibilities

Job Requirements :
1+ years of experience developing software purely in C++ and STL using different OOB methodologies
Good understanding of TCP/IP, UDP, or multicast
Good amount of experience with coding, debugging and scripting in Linux environment
Strong in data structures and algorithms
Excellent communication skills
Experience with market data (equities, derivatives, etc.) and related technologies (Tibco, FIX, Wombat) is a plus
M.Tech /B. Tech in Computer Science from IIIT, IIT, NIT or BITS

As you might have gone through the job profile, it sounds very interesting isn't it?  So, what are you looking for, just update your resume and click on this link which will take you to the place from where you can actually apply for this job. In case if you are not able to visit this link, I suggest you to give a try by directly going to FactSet careers page and then search there for this position and if you still haven't got that, please feel free to contact me either by commenting on this post or by contacting me through the contact form in the Contact Us tab of this blog.

As always, please express your view on this post by responding with Facebook Like and Twitter's Tweet button's, available as the end of this post. Also do please share this post with your friends who might be in need.


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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Support Engineer position at RedBus

Hi Friends,

Good Morning everyone, and hope you are doing great. Also wishing you a very happy "Navarathri". Hope you all have checked out our announcement of Facebook and Twitter inclusions in Campus Cub.

Now coming back to our business as usual, We have found an interesting opportunity for those who are currently working in a small company or working for a very small pay and looking for change. Yes if you are having at least 1 year of experience in IT industry, then you are reading the most appropriate blog you can. This time Campus Cub has found career options in yet another start-up company, which most surprisingly you might have heard about it already in your day to day life. And I personally love this company and was always wishing to work with them. The reason, I keep focusing about Start-Up companies is that, if you are starting your career or in the early stages of your career and want to learn more, work in a real time applications, then you mush have worked in a start-up company which has made it's mark already.

Today we are glad to present you an position of Support Engineer with RedBus. If you have 1 year of experience and looking for a job change, then I bet you should not miss this opportunity. This position is mostly for those who are interested in support role. Please find the below job description as mentioned in there site.

Roles and responsibilities :
1. Manage production support, bug fixes and minor enhancements for one or more products
2. Monitoring and troubleshooting production applications
Skill set : 

1. Good understanding of multi-tier production applications with analytical/ debugging skills is essential
2. Good to have - worked on both windows and linux platforms.
3. Should be able to work in a fast paced unstructured startup environment
4. Knowledge of both Windows and Linux platforms is a strong plus
5. Knowledge in eCommerce or OTA applications is a strong plus
Work experience : 


And if you want to check the requirement yourself and apply, then click this particular link to go straight to the RedBus careers page

Hope that this post would have helped you very much and if not, then please feel free to share this blog to your friends or those who might be in need. Now that Campus Cub is very much interactive with it's Facebook and Twitter buttons, you can share this blog to others in a flash by liking through Facebook's Like button or sending through Send button and by tweeting through Tweet button which could be found at the end of this post. Please leave your valuable feedback through the comment section below or you can always reach us using the contact page in this blog anytime.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Campus Cub going live on Facebook and Twitter

"like" and "tweet" are the magic buttons everyone is hearing and crazy about these days. Believe I don't have to let you all know what those two buttons mean. Well for those who don't know what they really mean, You need not be sorry as I am going to tell you now. I was referring to the two most happening thing on Internet these days. One is gift from guy named '' who gave us this thing called as facebook and the other guy named '' who had given us other one called as twitter. These both have bought people closer than ever.

You should be wondering on why am I referring to these two magic buttons, while I was supposed to write blogs on several opportunities for freshers and graduates. Yes, I have a reason for that and that reason is the passion that Campus Cub has carried along the way to help freshers and graduates to know about the opportunities which they could get through it. And to accomplish that, Campus Cub leaves no options to reach maximum users whom it can serve. In an effort to make this happen we have gone online on Facebook and Twitter, Campus Cub on Facebook and Campus Cub on Twitter. Check them out by yourself and don't forget to like in Facebook and tweet in Twitter if you like.

In another move to help users to share the blog with their friends on Facebook and tweet on twitter we have come up with "Like", "Share" buttons with Facebook and "Follow", "Tweet" buttons on Twitter. You can view them regularly on the bottom of every blog, so that once your done reading your favorite blog you can share your views by pressing any of these buttons. 

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