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Friday, September 23, 2011

a very valuable ship known as "INTERN"

Hey buddy, where did you do your project.? 
How much did they charge.? 
How valid is that project certificate in your/our college..?
Do you had to attend the classes daily..?
Can you get me a project from your contacts..?
Is it a live project they offer..?

These are the questions we/they ask to their peers usually during early days of final semester. This has been followed since years, I have seen this in the past, when I was doing my Graduation and I saw that when I did my Post Graduation and that didn't stop there. I still get asked by young graduates about the same questions mentioned earlier. How long, is there no enough internship opportunities for the future engineers or professionals in this country.? 

I don't know why the word INTERN doesn't go that well in INDIA, as it goes in other developed countries. I have read quiet a much about Internship and it's importance when I go through educational blogs in US, UK, FRANCE, and other western countries. Here in India I rarely see any focus on Internship when I browse the careers tab of several top level companies. I don't understand why they don't even offer good internship options for young students, I don't understand why they underestimate the benefits that they can reap by offering internship.

I have been doing quiet a much of analysis on this topic here in campus cub and have figured that it's not only the Companies to be blamed, it's students too. I have asked quiet a few students and they seem to enjoy buying a project from some consultancies or training institutes, as they don't have to do that hard work. They are absolutely fine paying hefty money to those institutions rather then earning money or experience by pushing themselves to do some extra hard work. This category of the students are more in India and they seem to keep growing daily and these are student that give such kind of institutions a livelihood(thanks to the lazy fellow they say.. ;) ). While moving on to the other category for students where they quiet often manage to get a very good internship opportunities in a very good companies or into a company in which his dad's->friend's->cousin's->brother-in-law works. I really don't want to discuss this group of people as they are going great ;).. And now comes those people whom I call the UnLucky people, where they have very serious aspirations to earn a project from a company which helps then in learning and achieving their dreams, but very sadly they don't get such option and finally end-up as the 1st category....

Here is where campus cub want to help you all in achieving your dreams. We are trying to find as many possible internship opportunities to the students and give them sufficing information or guidance on it. We are also in a massive hunt on internet to find internship opportunities for you. Mean while you should probably surf the net for your fav company or any startup you have heard-off for such opportunities. We recommend you to mainly focus on the StartUp companies, as they are the ones who can understand the power or need of internship.

I suggest you to keep visiting this blog for more information or opportunities on employment for freshers and students.


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