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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

IBM IRL - Indian Research Lab is Hiring : Phd Freshers/Experienced : Computer Sc/Engineering

Hi Guys,

Yes you read the blog title right. This might just be your dream opportunity which helps you in making road to one of the prestigious organization/company unit to work for.

Are you pursuing your Phd...?
Have you completed your Master and have experience...?
Are you passionate about changing the way world works...?
Are you a geek...?

Then no turning back, just make it to IBM Indian Research Lab's, Delhi/Bangalore.

This is the first time that Campus Cub was able to grab some opportunities for PhD's. All you need to do is go through the detailed job descriptions carefully and prepare your resume's and just send it back to me as quickly as possible. I would refer it for you guys, You can mail me your resume to "kvr_varma@yahoo.co.in"

Position 1 - Researcher – Cloud computing:
IBM Research - India is actively looking for Cloud computing Researchers with a background in systems,
networking or process automation
Opportunities include regular Researcher positions (at all levels) and fixed-time positions (eg: post-doc). Our
areas of interest for hires include:
Several open positions in Cloud Computing Research
The IT Service Management Research & Cloud Computing team is seeking candidates for Researcher level
positions with IBM Research – India. Our main interest is in exploring novel concepts to enable both core
cloud infrastructures as well as standardized virtualized environments. Furthermore, we are investigating
automation strategies for both migrating workload to IaaS and PaaS systems. The selected candidates will
be working closely with business & technical teams from our Global Technology Services organization with
the goal to rapidly deployed ground breaking research into production systems that serve IBM’s clients.
We are seeking interested candidates with experience in at least one of the following technologies:
• Virtualization: in-depth knowledge of virtualization techniques as applied by vmware, kvm, Xen etc.
Furthermore, expertise in virtualized network technologies
• Cloud computing: knowledge in basic cloud computing technologies, specifically infrastructure-asa-
service or platform-as-a-service. Hands on experience with some of the common cloud platforms.
• Automation: expertise in automation strategies for provisioning of both infrastructure and platform
• Distributed Applications: background in distributed application with a focus on scalability and
performance management
• Ph.D. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related fields required. We will consider fresh
PhD graduates for entry-level positions
• Candidates with Master’s degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related fields with
up to 5 years industry experience will be considered on an exceptional basis .
• Candidates with at least 5-10 years of industry experience (PhD preferred) and a proven innovation
track record will be considered for more senior positions.

Position 2 - Researchers - Optimization, Analytics
IBM Research - India is actively looking to hire Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) group who
specialize in the application of predictive analytics, mathematical optimization and data mining to create new
innovative offerings in IBM’s services business. We are seeking world-class candidates for research
scientist positions to work on a broad array of projects in the following topic areas:
1. Mathematical programming
2. Statistical Modeling
3. Data Mining
4. Stochastic Modeling
5. Discrete Event Simulation
6. Supply-chain Management
7. Software Architectures for Analytics
8. Machine Learning
9. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
10. Theory and Algorithms
We are looking for individuals with Phd in Operational Research or Computer Science with strong research
backgrounds in relevant areas of Computer Science, Operations Research, Statistics, Mathematics or
related fields. The candidates should have an excellent publication record, as evidenced by papers in highquality
conferences and journals, strong written and oral communication skills, excellent programming skills,
and exposure to implementation of practical systems. In additional domain skills in areas such as customer
analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain, production planning, or industry skills in industries such as
Financial Services, Telecom, Retail would be preferred. Additionally, candidates displaying the following
characteristics will have an obvious advantage:
• Analytical bent of mind
• Creativity in defining challenging exploratory projects
• Ability to perform independent research
• Interest in translating business problems to research
• Excellent programming skills
• Great team spirit
• Inclination to interact with academic and professional communities
• Drive for taking research initiatives towards business impact

Position 3 - Research Scientist - Human Language Technologies
The 4HHuman Language Technologies (HLT) group at IBM Research - India specializes in developing
statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to solve problems in natural language processing,
speech analytics, spoken dialog systems, machine translation, information extraction and information
We are currently looking to hire a few outstanding researchers in our group. Responsibilities of a researcher
include conducting basic and applied research on a wide array of text and speech analytics projects.
Researchers are expected to maintain strong academic credentials through publications, external collaborations, and service to the research community as well as contribute to IBM business units via wellmotivated
applied research.
Qualifications for Research Scientist:
• PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, or related fields
• Strong academic record with publications in top conferences and journals
• Research experience in, and strong familiarity with HLT focus areas; industrial research internships
a plus.
• Demonstrated ability to formulate and solve abstract problems derived from real-world applications
• Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively in a team
• Excellent programming skills

Position 4 – Researcher- Information management
The Information Management research group at IBM Research – India actively contributes to IBM’s
information management related software products and solutions, specifically in the areas of data cleansing,
information integration, search, analytics on structured and unstructured data, information extraction, and
core database engine. These contributions involve application of innovative technology in developing new
offerings and features to address important customer problems.
• Candidate should have a Ph.D. degree from a reputed institution with expertise in the areas of
database systems, information retrieval, knowledge/information management, information
extraction, data/text mining, analytics, cloud computing or related topics.
• Candidate should have research orientation and proven track records in identifying and solving
research challenges specific to the area of research. Also should have strong record of patents and
publications in leading conferences and journals.
• Candidate should have experience in architecting and developing scalable systems for information
analysis and management. Familiarity and/or experience with modern distributed computing
architectures such as Hadoop will be a plus.
Job description
• Generate novel ideas (theoretical or experimental) and/or invent/design complex products and/or
• Engineer these ideas to an advanced state of feasibility by evaluating them and participating in
their implementation.
• Connect to other business units and customers to identify and understand business problems and
pain points
• The full cycle of innovation to delivery is typically a multiple-year effort. Disseminate, internally and
externally, the results of such activities through publications, patent disclosures, seminar
participation, internal documentation, etc.
• Represent IBM at professional forums and in professional societies.
• Function as an internal consultant in the areas of professional expertise. May direct technically,
and/or manage, within the broad mission of the group, activities of other Researchers and Software

Position 5 - Researcher/Post-Doc in Mobile applications/ telecom domain
Build strategy and implementation around novel solutions for Smarter Planet with other IBM Research labs
such as Watson, China, and Haifa. Security architecture in end point devices is becoming increasingly
important. We are exploring how to build secure software stack on end point devices including mobile
phones, energy meters, and appliances. We are exploring standards in the industry and how to enhance
them, build an eco system wherein device manufacturers can start adopting the standards created by us.
Our group looks at areas which are at the confluence of Mobility and Internet of Things.
We are exploring mobile payment mechanisms in financial transactions and the security concerns/ issues.
Mobile security and availability of services on the cloud pose interesting problems which we are looking at.
Job description: Expertise in one or the following is desired,
• Designing security software/ firmware stack
• Designing mobile payments/ transactions secure stack
• Device security in IP world
• Device on the cloud
• Skills on Symbian, Android, Windows mobile, J2ME, Linux
Required skills:
• Strong communication skills – written and oral
• Must have a strong record of publications or a strong record of designing/building complex systems
• Ph.D. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering required.
• A Master's degree with significant experience may also be considered
Essential responsibilities include:
• Work with other research scientists (small multi-disciplinary teams) to generate relevant problems
and solutions.
• Conduct world class research to publish in top-tier conferences and journals.
• Generate IP for IBM by filing patents
• Work with and guide research engineers to implement / prototype your idea and to transfer
technology to our product groups
• Work with product and services units to transfer technology

Position 6 – Researcher - Next generation systems
IBM Research - India is actively looking for strong systems, networking and inter-disciplinary Researchers
for our systems department
Opportunities include regular Researcher positions (at all levels) and fixed-time positions (eg: post-doc). Our
areas of interest for hires include:
· Data center networking / systems
Data center networking for complex data center environments will be an important focus area - Opportunities
for disruptive innovations, co-optimization of computation, storage & networking abound. Networking for
cloud is a sub-topic.
· Wireless Systems
IBM is driving a new internal initiative called "Smarter Wireless" also known as "Wireless / IT Convergence".
This area involves application of a variety of information technology (IT) principles, building blocks, and
approaches to address the next decade of challenges in wireless data networking. Sample topics include
Wireless network cloud, converged IT/wireless appliances, and Machine-Machine (M2M)
· High Performance Analytics Systems
High performance analytics for massive datasets on emerging multi-core/many-core architectures and
clusters is an important research area. This research group works at the intersection between high
performance computational platforms (high-end, mid-range, streaming and appliance platforms) and
analytics/ machine learning (eg: map-reduce, Hadoop, analytics kernels performance optimization).
· Cyber-physical Systems
Interdisciplinary topics in "smarter planet solutions" involve novel sensing / networking / streaming real-time
middleware & analytics / semantic representation/ high performance computing applied to vertical domains such as smarter energy/grids, smarter transportation in emerging markets, smarter water etc.
In our projects, we take world-wide leadership or co-leadership in our projects, and collaborate with other
IBM Research labs such as Watson, China, and Haifa.
We use real customer contexts in India, ASEAN countries, Australia, Japan, USA, China etc. Ability to
consistently publish in the top most conferences and journals is highly valued. Our department also actively
collaborates with other departments in IBM Research - India focused on mobile/telecom enabled solutions,
data center transformation, cloud services.
• Ph.D. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering required.
• Candidates with Master’s degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering and relevant
experience could also be considered on an exceptional basis

Position 7 - Researcher - Software Engineering
The Programming Technologies and Software Engineering department at IBM Research - India is seeking
applications, for permanent Researcher and fixed-term Postdoc positions, from fresh and experienced
researchers with a PhD in Computer Science, and a good track record, demonstrated by publications,
patents, and technical impact.
Our current areas of interest include :
• Program analysis and its applications to program understanding, debugging and testing
• Mining of information from software repositories; empirical software engineering model-driven
• Collaborative software development and large-scale project management.
Candidates with an Master’s degree from a reputed Institute and an aptitude for working in a research
environment are also encouraged to apply. A strong interest in industrial research and building complex
software systems is a must. As a member of the research team, you will have the opportunity to collaborate
with some of the best minds in IBM, work with India's premier academic research institutions, and deploy
your methods and tools to the vast network of IBM practitioners. Researchers are expected to publish their
work at the top conferences in their field.

Hurry Up..!!!!  Leave comment if you require any further details. Help forwarding to your friends.

With Love, Raghu


  1. hello sir, i am BE,
    i have successfully made alot programming library in (PHP,JQuery AND Flash) and i have successfully made payment getway to transfer money one bank to another, i also made MVC framework in php it has used in more than 200 project. i have 7 Years of experience is wep programming..
    so can i join in IBM? if yes , what shuld i do.. i am passionate about research..

    thank you
    Mr Durga Sharma

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