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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IBM Mainframes : 1-5 Years Experience

Now it's time for the BLACK & GREEN screen geeks. Yes, I am in deed talking about MAINFRAME opportunities with IBM INDIA PVT LTD. I have come across quiet a few available position for those who have around 1-5 years experience, and looking for a change. It's the first time in my Blog that I got some available positions on Mainframes technology and fortunately/unfortunately it's with IBM who has a NOT VERY GOOD NAME among the aspirants. I agree with the fact that many call it a FIRING COMPANY/HIRE&FIRE COMPANY, but trust me guys it's really worth getting into this company. I am not saying this since i work for it ;)...

Any how, now enough of this crap and it's time to get back to the business. I did try to list out all the available positions as clearly as possible but forgive me if you found it difficult to understand. To mention, these positions are obtained from the internal referral mail. So, if you found any matching profile please do drop me your resume along with your contact details to my mail id : kvr_varma@yahoo.co.in

AS400 & Mainframe : Application Developer-COBOL/400
Brief Job Description : COBOL/400+ RPG
Experience : 1.5 - 5.5 years
Location : Bangalore/Pune
AS400 & Mainframe - Application Developer-Life/400 OR Smart/400
Brief Job Description : Life/400 + RPG
Experience : 1.5 - 5.5 years
Location : Bangalore/Pune
AS400 & Mainframe - Application Developer-Synon2E / Cool2E
Brief Job Description : Synon + RPG
Experience : 1.5 - 5.5 years
Location : Bangalore/Pune
AS400 & Mainframe : Application Developer-RPG/400
Brief Job Description : RPG / AS400 exp is a MUST
Experience : 1.5 - 5.5 years
Location : Bangalore/Kolkata
IT Specialist - Mainframe
Brief Job Description:
1) "ACF2" Mainframe User Administrator
2) Mainframe User Administrator
3) "ACF2" Mainframe User ID management
4) Mainframe RACF & ACF2 User ID management admin skills.
5) Min 1 to 4 years of years in relevant skills
6) Ready for 24/7 Rotational shifts. working for US Customers.
7) Very Good communication skills
Experience : 1 - 4 years
Location : Bangalore

So, here is all what I had to offer today. But please do remember that IBM is little bad in responding to the applicants. I suggest to give a try by mailing your resume to the mail id mentioned above in the blog and be patient. I would upload it into the portal as soon as i receive form you. I strongly recommend the viewers to publish this blog to your friends and be helpful to many others in your reach.

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