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Sunday, October 3, 2010

CampusCub : Improved

Hi Dear Friends,

You you watch carefully you might notice that now CAMPUS CUB has changed a bit, we have added more features to the blog to help it's growing users. These are the couple of functionalities we have added to campus cub,

1. Share button : supports Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Blogger itself. Now why wait, just check this out and share this information with your friends who are in need.
2. Subscribe : You can now subscribe for the blog information right into your inbox. Please click on Subscribe button on the right side to start with. No need for you to keep checking the blog every time. Now onwards you would receive the mail with the blog post.
3. Headline animator : Finding it difficult to see the latest blogs/ tired of scrolling downs.....? Then check this cool stuff right at the top. You can just jump to the blog no more scrolling or no more difficulties in finding the latest fresher opportunities.

All this cool stuff the users, I should thank google for providing me with all these options.

With Love,

1 comment:

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