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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to "Campus Cub"

Hello Readers,

Welcome to all new Campus Club. For all those who have already visited or been visiting http://raghuvarmakv.blogspot.com, this might be little confusing. But, nothing to worry as I have just created an altogether new blog which would be dedicated to the Campus Cubs. Please note the new URL for "Campus Cub", it's "http://campuscub.blogspot.com/". I have changed this blog URL as per the subject, so that it would be easy for user to remember and more meaningful.

Important thing is to note the new URL "http://campuscub.blogspot.com/" instead of "http://raghuvarmakv.blogspot.com/". I had very good amount of users for the earlier blog, and they have all either appreciated it or thanked for a very useful information. Whit this new Blog I have set myself a set of goals, where I am planning to post at least 1 opening in a week.

With new blog comes new value addition. Unlike the earlier blog, which used to post only opening for freshers(0-2 years exp), I have come up with a new concept termed as "Intern It", where I also post the openings for Internship. So, all those student who are in their final year of their college would also gain a lot of information.

Please feel free to add any valuable information to this blog and I always welcome you valuable Feedback. Help in making this information blog more useful to the freshers. If possible kindly circulate this mail to your other college friends, members who are looking for openings.

You can also add this blog link into you college website if required.

That's all for now, don't forget to look out this space for more fresher openings.


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